Monday, July 28, 2008

See me dancing to my fav song!

Do we look alike?

Helloe everybody!!

Mummy say I look more & more like daddy.

Do you think so?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The happy things that happen to me lately & my birthday parties!

While mummy & daddy were away for their honeymoon.

Grandpa & Granny brought me swimming! I love it!!

Next I follow them for a Cancer for Children charity. We all got our hair shaved! When mummy met up with her old schoolmate, we also found out that Uncle Boon Tiong also when for this charity! See the two botak pics..hehehehe.

Last Sat daddy & mummy brought me for a birthday gift shopping spree! I had a great time at a giant toy shop selecting my toys! I get to test them before deciding which to buy. I had alot of fun there!

The follow days have two mini parties! One from daddy's family & the other from mummy's family. Daddy's brother, Eldest Uncle Howard & kor kor Heng Wei gave me a bucket with coin incest, spade & net. 3rd Uncle Michael & Aunt Karen gave me Elmo!

Xiao E bought me a mini bus, grandpa & granny gave me Disney cake! GrandAunt Pat bought me a set of Batman outfit. I love all my presents! Thanks everyone!

If you can't view the pics, pls use this link.
The happy things that happen to me lately.