Monday, June 16, 2008

My day at Uncle David's house

We were there for a Father's Day gathering. Too bad daddy isn't here to join us....Or he'll be in this picture too. Nevertheless, Happy Father's Day daddy & grandpa!

At their place, GAunt Anna packed up all Uncle Eugene's toys for me. She said these toys were all passed down from Uncle Gary's generation. So which means the toys are already 28yrs old! They are still in good conditions. I like them!

Here's a pic of Uncle Gary play his old toys with me.

Because I haven't met them since after Chinese New Year, everyone offer to carry & play with me. Mummy say she enjoy this the most cos she gets to rest...granny too!

I had a fun filled time on Father's Day. Did you?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My encounter with the big giant bunny!

Last week we went Suntec for a book fair. Mummy wants to get me more books. They managed to buy 2 books & a float book too. After that they had dinner & proceed to Carefour to buy some stuffs.

And we saw this huge bunny!! Mum & granpda was abit worried that I'll be frighten by it. But instead I like it alot & keep smiling at it! So whenever I see it passing by I insisted that grandpa carry me to it Below pic taken was the 2nd time I saw it.


First time thepics we took I kept looking at the bunny. This time again I am facing at bunny too.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

I have this story book Aunt Sharon bought me since I was 3mths old. There are Panda Bear, Hippo, Elephant & Tigers. Granny & mummy always read them to me. So as time passes by I recognise them.

When this movie launched, they show me pics of it in the magazine.

Somehow I get very excited when I see it!!

So grandpa bought me 2 sets of Kunfu Panda outfits & mummy took the picture tag at the tee & paste them on my drawers!

Now when they ask where is panda I'll point it to them! Mummy is now looking around for other stickers to paste them on my drawers.

guess how many things do I know already?

book, clock, apple, duck, panda, elephant, fan, air-con, chair, door, bear, car, light, tiger, ball, boster, coco monkey, brownie dog, gate (the gate at his room), bunny, bucket, swing (his cradle), pacifier, lotion, phone, shoe, switch, banana, socks, bicycle, snake, face, head, give, hold, take, Pebble, Yuki, 2 grannies, daddy, mummy, 2 grandpas, elderst uncle, 3rd uncle, 4th uncle.

All thanks to granny!!! Most of these I she taught me. Isn't she great??

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have my first taste of Orange

Hello everyone!!

Let's have a handshake!

This is my first time getting a taste of orange! Mummy says it's from Thailand sweet mandrain Orange.

Here's a little video of My first taste of Orange!

This orange taste very sweet! I like it very much!

Hope mummy will buy me somemore next time!