Friday, May 30, 2008

Look how mummy takes care of me...

Mmmy has to stay home to take care of me because daddy is away at Swiss for training & granny & grandpa goes for a short trip at Phuket to enjoy the sea breeze for a week. Which means I'll be home with her for 24/7!! Can you believe it??

I doubt she can do very well....She does not spend as much time as granny does with me. Granny knows what I like, she knows my everything!!

Apart from the usual story reading, play with my usual toys..when I am bored with them..she come up with many funny idea to keep me entertained.

She gets Pebble to entertain me...I enjoy watching Pebble play fetch with mummy!!

Well, we know babies aren't suppose to watch TV..but she has to eat..she has to cook my meals. It just bored watching her hang out the the's warm in the kitchen you know! So there are times she'll put me at my chair & let me watch a little TV. I do look I am concentrating on the show huh!

I also gets to play catching with Pebble!! She'll run & I'll chase...hehehee.

Yuki totally hide away from me once she sees me in the walker...She hates playing chase..She likes to steal my biscuits when I drop them..hehe

Mummy has also started to let me crawl out of my usual bedroom. She'll always clean up the floor before she lets me down to crawl. I have a few bumps time to time. All because I have never crawl on the floor before. Most of the time are on my well protected bed. Even when I fall, there's always cushion around me. So now...on the floor...although she is there, sometimes her flection is slower & I knocked myself against the table & chairs..or even the floor too. Even though I meet these accidents, I still enjoy the fun time exploring the house! After each crawling session she'll clean up my hands & legs.

Well, mummy try her best...don't you think?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Watch me stand!

Remember I mention I am learning how to stand?
Here's a video clip of how I managed it! It's after many trys..

this is a success one that I really stand up without grandpa's help!!
Mummy is impressed!!

Thanks for watching!!
There'll be more to come!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daddy & mummy's "Labour" day

1st of May is Labour Day, it's a holiday meant for working people. They get to have a day off today! Mummy & daddy do not need to go to work! But it's not any usual labour day they had. They plan to stay home.....why? you may do labour work! hahahahaaa
Recently weather has been very hot. I didn't sleep well at nite even if they have the fan full blast in the room for me. They wanted to let me have the air-con. But the air-con in my room is out of order. After some checking they realised that it's pretty costly to get it repair. And since in another yr or two, they'll change the whole set too. So what can they do for now? They switch room for me!

They switch room for me!
Their workroom will be my bedroom!
Bye bye room... Out goes this mouldy woredrobe too......

Now I have a gate to my room. I'll get a space of my own to crawl around. Because I have 2 pet dogs Pebble & Yuki, we have to share space to crawl..hehehehe
Partly mummy also worried that I'll go chase after them & hurt myself or they'll come sniff me all over...hehehe

Now my new room done & very well "protected"....No chance for any accident to happen anymore...hahahahaa
They are busy, I am not very free either...
cos grandpapa came & pick granny & me out to have fun!

Grandpapa brought me to the Discovery Center & the goat farm. I had fun! I love the goats! I talk to them like I talk to Pebble & Yuki! Grandpapa never bring his camera along. So there's no pics to share this time round...

Granny say I didn't sleep well during the first nite in my new room....I turn & turn.....but 2nd nite I am fine! I crawl & play with mummy till am tired before I doze off....I like the feeling of having the air-con on. It feels more comfy....

My tooth are coming!!!

I got tooth!! I just mine 2nd last mth!!
See my twos....

Mummy say there'll be more coming!
Cos last nite, I bite very hard on granny that I even left mark there....
Mummy was very angry with me. She smack my butt.
I can't resist myself!! Altough mummy bought me teething toys, but I prefer other things! Luckily granny is more forgiving..she say it's not my fault I am still a baby...
Because there'll be more tooths coming, she bought baby toothpaste for me. She wants to start it now. she was told that it tast yummy. So she want me to play with the toothbrush. Make it a fun time for me. So that with this fun time I'll love to brush my teeth! But granny isn't comfortable with it. She still prefers to start in when I am a yr old...

I am getting up up up!!

Now I am going 10mths...I have learnt more things!!

Apart from knowing how to crawl, now I also know how to clap my hands, pray pray, bye bye, action for hello (pick up phone), switch biscuits from hand to hand, how to say mum mum (eat).

I know duck, bird, elephant, sound of areoplane, ball, my coco monkey, what is switch & buttons!! But I don't say it out..I just show them or look at it.

Mummy has start to borrow books from the library to read them to me. I enjoy books that have something to flip or touch!! At times I'll pick up books & want mummy to read them to me. One shot will also want all 4books! hahahaa

Lately, I know how to stand up by myself! But with some support. hehehe

I did a great job didn't I??

Spotted a bruise on the right side of my head?? Well, I hurt it while I was crawling around in the room...It hurts alot!! I cried very loudly. While granny was applying medicine on me she cried too. But that's not going to stop me from crawling or exploring...She say I am driving her nuts..hehehe

Now a days I don't like being carried unless it's fun. I love them throwing me up in the air, swing me or walk me around the house...

Since I am learning to stand, the more I like them to just let me be. I want to move around by myself! I'll crawl towards the chair, or anything & try to stand up by myself.

Granny says I am tiring her out with all these activities I want...I wish I could learn to walk soon! then she won't have to be so tired watching me out or hold me while I crawl, stand or wobbling...hehehe

Maybe she should drink my milk, she'll have strong bones like me!!