Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday @ the Zoo!

Uncle Howard (Heng Wei kor kor's father & is also daddy's elder brother) has some free tickets so we all go together & visit the zoo!

Daddy sings:"We are going to the zoo, there's lots of things to do. And there'll be many people too!"

Most of the animals there are very new to me. But I recognise Elephant!! Cos granny & mummy always read mini book of Elephant to me.

See how happy I am with the performance done by the elephants!

Not just that...we have an album of it too.

Monday, March 17, 2008

May babies coming your way!!

Although I often suck my toes, hoping one to come along soon to play with me, but it not mean me going to have any silblings.

Mummy say she is not ready for another round of mid nite feedings & colic cryings.She blames me for the cause of this phobia, I am sure I am not the reason. Cos she complains about her weight often than to my colic issues!!

She has only herself to blame for feasting too much. If those weight stay put, I doubt she'll want another to add extra weight on her again.

Anyway, back to the actual topic I want to tell.

Many of daddy & mummy friends' babies will be born in May.
On which date they are not sure...

1st: Cousin Heng Wei kor kor is going to have a baby mei mei in May! That means I'll be kor kor too!

2nd: Mummy's friend, Aunt Esther's baby will also be coming in May

3rd: Mummy's friend, Aunt Cassandra is going to have her 2nd baby in May too!

4th: Mummy's friend, Uncle Alex is going to have his 2nd baby due in May!!

5th: Daddy's friend, Uncle Wen Hong's baby will be born in May!

That's alot, don't you think??

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've got another post from God Ma!

God Ma Liz bought me this!!

I wonder what are they meant for...cos my 1st birthday is still 5mths away....

There's this Cowala surfer!

And this Glow in the Dark: Someone who loves me!

This tee catch my eye because of their bright colors. I think mummy has something similar too. Daddy bought it for her from Phuket. God ma got mine for me from Aust!! Mine is better!!

Then mummy try it on for me...It seems kinda big now...but I am sure I'll be able to wear it on my birthday!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I have make a new friend call Jaylen!

Mummy brought me shopping today. While on our way home at the MRT station mummy bump to Aunt Shirly. There is a kor kor, his name is Jaylen! He's 4mths older than me. I like him alot! It also happen that he stay near granny's place. So mummy say maybe someday I'll get to visit him & we'll all play together!! Yippee!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mummy says my saiyang always warm her heart..

Two play area for me!!

Previously grandpa brought over their double decker bed for me so that placing it side be side I have a big space to roll & crawl. You may ask, why I can't crawl on the floor. It's becos I have 2 pet dogs. Mummy says I can do that when I finish all my Pneumococcal Disease jabs. So I crawl around beds!! Which is the size of two super single bed!!

It looks very big isn't it?

On top of that, this morning da puo brought over Heng Wei kor kor's play pan for me! Daddy fix it up while I was in the room playing & rolling. I am also starting to learn how to crawl too.

Once it's done, daddy place all my toys in & let me get use to this new play area.

This will be my 2nd play ground!

Daddy says this will help them alot, cos when they have chores to do, I can stay in there to play & keep myself occupied while they get their things done. But do they think I like to stay in there long? Well, it's see!

Mummy make me a friendship band!

Look! This is done by mummy!

Granny says when mummy was young grandpa make something similar for her too. It's meant to protect her from danger. So granny wants mummy to make one for me too.

It comes with seven colours. White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue & Black. She has to chant during each knot she do. After that granny pray this to the Godness of Mercy to give me protection.

They loves me lots so they want me to be healthy & save. It look cool on me, Don't you think?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Amelia's Mummy tagged me & request me to fill in...but I think some are too young for me to fill it now..cos I have not explore the world of treasures...

Seven THINGS that scares me :

1. having nitemares

2. being left alone in the walker

3. being left alone in the room

4. being left alone in the cradle

5. being left alone

6. being left alone

7. being left alone

Seven THINGS I like most:

1. Milk!

2. porridge!!

3. biscuits!!

4. my toy ball!

5. my grannies & grandpas!

6. My daddy & mummy!

7. my pet dogs!

Seven important things in my room:

1. My boster

2. my pacifier

3. my diaper

4. my toy ball

5. my lalluby

6. my water bottle

7. my milk!

Seven random facts about me :

1. I drool

2. I am a boy!

3. I want to play with Pebble!

4. I tuck on my pacifier

5. starting to like to tuck on my milk bottle too

6. ..........

7. .......

Seven things I plan to do before I die :

hmmm...this I haven't think of yet..will tell you when I am older..

Seven things I can't do :

1. walk

2. talk

3. swim

4. kick

5. run

6. dance

7. jump

Seven things I say the most :

1. yawn (sound)

2. aarrrrr

3. yea

4. hmmmm

5. eeeerrrr

6. kkekekekeekeke

7. hum hum hum hum

Seven things that attracts me to the opposite sex :

mummy says I am too young for this...

Seven celebrity crushes :

Who are they?

Seven people who have to do this :

1. Astro mama

2. God Ma!

3. Papa Eric!

4. Amelia!

5. Aunt Sharon!

6. Jaylen kor kor!

7. Botak mama

I have a bankbook!

Since Chinese New Year is over. Mummy & daddy decided to open a bank acct for me & save up all the Ang Bao I collected in there.

I am so happy that I have a bank acct of my own!
Will you help to fill money into my bank acct too?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A morning without my cradle

What happened was mummy took my cradle to wash last nite. All because she finds it smell of my pee pee. Well, you can't blame me, I wore napkin in the day! Blame it on her lousy napkin protectors...

Anyway, due to bad weather, the cradle did not dry up in time for my morning nap. My routine has been messed up by her. I have my rountine to follow. I sleep in my cradle during the day time. So without it I can't sleep!

Mummy & daddy try means & ways to pat me to sleep in my bed, but I just couldnt find a corrrect position to sleep! I got grumby...but yet I don't want to sleep in the bed. So daddy just hold on to me. Look how sleepy I am?

Mummy feels at this rate I should be able to sleep in the bed. It took her awhile to sooth me to sleep...So I'll only fall asleep in my bed when I looked that sleepy.

While mummy keep a close watch on me, daddy went to dry my cradle with the hair dryer. It helps! 10mins later it's all done & ready for me!

My nap on the bed didn't last long. Since it's already noon, mummy decided to feed me my porridge first before letting me sleep in my cradle.

Finally now I'll have a proper nap...ZzzZzzZzz

Friends at home, make sure your mummy pick a correct time to wash the cradle. Or you'll end up so tired like me....