Monday, January 28, 2008

I am in a bad mood....

Last nite, mummy & daddy call me grouchy baby...

When we return home from granny's place, I gave them a hard time. I make alot of noise when daddy was trying to make me sleep. I didn't sleep at all & even cry & cry. Daddy didn't know what to do. So mummy carried me out from the craddle & pat me to sleep on her body. I still grumble abit before I doze off...maybe it's all because mummy hugs me & make me feel safe & comfortable...I can't keep my eyes open any longer..I doze off...

I don't know why, I just don't feel good. I want mummy & daddy to carry..I don't want to sleep in the craddle alone. I want cuddle cuddle..

Friday, January 25, 2008

I am going to pass down my clothings!

Mummy says Aunt Esther will be having a baby boy this May..which means I'll have a playmate didi next time!

Some chinese has this believe that baby who wears pass down clothings will be easier to handle. Clothings that has been used before will feel more comfortable on baby.

Since I have already out grown many outfits, she went to take them out & pack them into a bag for Aunt Esther. There's this whole pile of clothings & one hat full of mittens & botties. A small pile of caps & 2pc of blankets. Hope baby didi will feel warm & loved.

She also found this old cap that I used to it looks like a cap meant for cold weather! I still look cute in it, don't I?

Auntie Esther says she'll come by tomorrow to collect them for us. Also to pay me a visit too! I'll get to say hi to baby didi!

My achievement at 5mths old

Mummy says I am 6mths old today!

So she check if I can perform what most babies can when they are 5mths old.

Refering to Canadian Parents webby, let's see how I score..

Baby Wants You To Know

How I Grow

  • I rock, roll and twist my body. yup
  • I kick my feet and suck on my toes. yup
  • I stand up if you hold me under my arms, I jump up and down and stamp my feet. yup
  • I have pretty good aim when I grab something. yup
  • I can roll over. yup

How I Talk

  • I watch your mouth, and try to imitate you when you talk to me. yup
  • I make sounds like ee, ah, ooh, dada, bye-bye, mama. yup
  • I babble to myself, to my toys and to people -- I get attention that way! yup

How I Respond

  • I may cry when I see strangers. yup
  • I smile at faces and voices that I know. yup
  • I look around when I hear sounds. yup
  • I make sounds and interrupt your conversations, because I want attention. yup
  • I want to touch, hold, turn, shake and taste everything. yup
  • I put a lot of energy into everything I do. yup

How I Understand

  • I recognize my name. yup
  • I can tell the difference between myself and others in the mirror. yup
  • I remember what I just did. This mummy can't fig out cos she can't read my mind! hahahaha

How I Feel

  • I usually cling to you when you hold me. yup
  • I stop crying when you talk to me. yup
  • I show fear, anger and disgust. yup