Thursday, February 14, 2008

What did I do for the rest of the New year 2008??

We celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days. So how am I spending it??

The 2nd day of the new year (8/Feb) daddy was too sick to go out. So all of us stay home while daddy have a good rest.

Now I enjoy rolling around while sleeping, I need more space to sleep. So daddy has been kick out of the room by now their bed is mine when granny goes back home. While I was playing on the bed, mummy took a few pics of me! Now I can sit well!

3rd day (9/Feb) of Chinese New Year, mummy brought me to her friend Cynthia's house for their house warming. But was not able to take a pics of me cos she was busy taking care of me. There were alot of kids there! I love watching them play.

Maybe becos of daddy, I also started to have runny nose. Mummy worried that I'll spread my runny nose to those kor kor & jie jie there, so we left pretty early. Once I got home, they take my tempreture. There weren't any fever on me. After my milk, mummy let me sleep first cos I am starting to feel really grumpy. Once I have a good nap, I feel much better. Mummy then apply Vicks on me. she say I need a good rest & lots of water.

4th day (10/Feb) of New Year, daddy is going to have tea with his guy friends, so before meeting them, we went for lunch at Mos burger. Mummy say now I can sit better she place me at their baby chair.

Although it suit me, I didn't like it there...that's why I gave her this look...I want out!!

I still feel better standing on daddy's lap!

See! I am taller than (sitted) daddy!! hahahahaa

After their lunch, we went over to granny's place. Cos granny say we might go visit her friends. In the end we didn't go cos her friends aren't at home. So we stayed at granny's place for the rest of the day.

5th day of New Year, mummy & daddy do not need to go to work, so we went Bugis Junction! Mummy's purpose of going there is to check out their new food outlets at their basement & also help me get glass milk bottles. Cos there's a report saying the plastic bottles aren't that good. Price aren't cheap either! It cost $17.20 each! Hope no one will drop it. It's 60% more expensive than the usual plastic ones. To be safe than sorry, glass bottles are better.

for the next few days daddy & mummy already start work. So I spend my days with granny like the usual days.

On the 10th day (16/Feb) of New Year, we'll be going to granny's place again! Cos her siblings are going to gather there. We are going there early to Pai Nian! This seems like the last stop for us this new year!!

Although, we celebrate Chinese New Year for 15days, cos they don't have this practice. So usually it's only for a few days. Mostly is to visit relatives & close friends.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I had fun during 1st day of Chinese New Year!

When we reached granny's place, I have my 2 uncles to play with me with my fav toy white tiger & Ernie!

Next stop was to daddy's aunt's place, which is my grandaunt's place! There were alot of uncles & aunts...because this is the first time they met me after my baby shower 5mths ago, so many took turns to carry me & play with me!

There were also Jie Jie Ayaka, yoyo & kor kor Kai kai & Heng wei...I can't wait to grow up faster so that I can play along with them too!

Then we proceed to mummy's mum's place, granny's place at Bt Merah. Since Great grand granny also stays near by so we went to pay her a visit too.

After returning from great grand granny's place, many grand uncles & grand aunts had arrived at granny's place. I needed a nap, so granny took me into her room to rest. But there were many ppl coming in to visit me & play with me, I didn't want to sleep at all.

When grand uncle Ken carried me, mummy spotted something similar that both of us have. The Beckham hair style! We both looked cool huh!

What a nite, once in the car I slept thru out the whole journey home...Maybe I played too much, I had a nitemare & I cried for mummy. It took mummy quite awhile to calm me down & lay me to sleep again. I think next time I better think twice about having so much fun.

All the pics are at my album My 1st Chinese New Year!