Monday, April 28, 2008

All to wash wash wash

Mummy freak out when she see my waredrobe is full of white mould...

"Disgusting!! Gross! Why like that!?" She said. Quickly she took out all the clothings & throw them into the machine & wash wash wash....

Now we have a whole load of clothings out the window sun tanning... they don't know what is the cause of it...they plan to either fix this or get a new woredrobe... Looks like I have alot of clothings...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I got tooth!!!

Well, it's not the first first show up when I was almost 8mths old & this 2nd tooth came only 2weeks ago. Now then they managed to capture it.

well, why so late? Cos she say the first tooth was too tiny...not easy to take.

Thats what mum told me.

Notice what I was holding? This is call the bubble bottle!

Mummy put some handwash & water...shake shake shake & more bubbles will appear!

This is fun! I am going to play it, bye!!

Here fishy fishy fishy

Yesterday we went to Marina Square & daddy show me lots of fish!! It's actually my 2nd time there. Why mummy only took pics this time, cos the first time I only stare at them. This time...see the pics & you'll know!

Mummy say there used to be such aquarium at another shopping center which is much bigger than this & they have sharks & sting ray in there too! But now it's no longer there. They have shifted the fishes to a much much bigger one at Sentosa. I wonder where is that.....

This place where they keep those fishes, mummy say will bring me there one day. Now that place is dusty & messy....I hope I don't have to wait too long.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shake shake shake

He likes these shake shake can. We have at times he take both & shake them together. Just love the way he enjoy himself with the toy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

See what I have been up to lately!

Grandpa bought me a high chair! I love it! I enjoy sitting in it cos I will be able to view what granny is doing in the kitchen. How does mummy wash her face in the morning. No more looking up from my walker!

Hmmmm....i love this chair!!! I am not going to leave! You guys can go shopping without me. I am going to stay home with my chair!! Cos I can see out of the window now!

Mooooo.....I am sitting on a Moo-cycle daddy found it at a corner of Robinson toddler corner..I had fun sitting on it. I am sure I'll be able to ride on it & chase after Pebble & Yuki if they buy it home. Weee weee!!!

Look what notti daddy did to me?? He want Barney to bite me!! This giant Barney is just as big as me! I don't like him...I am not interested in him at all. I rather go play something else...

Do you know why mummy took such close up photo of me?? Cos it's the first time she sees me in such perfect double eye lid on both of my eyes! She took many pics of me!!

I am so handsome who needs those double eye lids?!?! Mummy say it makes me even more handsome! That can be accepted...I'll let it stay with me for awhile longer then.

Do you know another good thing about having a high chair?? It's that I am able to feed my dogs!!

Here is what I am going to do....when it stick in my plam, I'll drop them...then Pebble comes along to pick it up!! I enjoy sharing my biscuits with them.

I am in a mess! I don't mind Pebble come clean me up since she always help clean up Yuki's bowl. But mummy won't allow...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mummy & daddy's wallpaper

Mummy created a wallpaper of me & show it to daddy. Now daddy did a new one for her! I am now always with them! Even in the office!!

Mummy want me to tell Pebble & Yuki's furkids friends, not to worry. She hasn't forgotten them. She also did put them in her office too! It's in her screen saver! We are all her darlings!

My first baby contest

This is my first time I enter a baby contest! They enter me into healthy baby, photogenic & daddy & baby chemisty contest. All 3!! daddy says because I am their perfect baby so they have confident in me. Everyone were very excited for me. Mummy dress me up similar to daddy for the baby & daddy chemistry contest too! I am all ready to face the big challenge!

It's more like every day. I enjoy the company & make some friends too!

At the end of the contest, I didn't win any..Daddy & mummy wonder why..Mummy says even we didn't win any, it's fine. Cos I am still their darling.
Mummy is not very keen on taking part in any contest anymore. She say she'll will disappointed that they did not spot the good in me. But daddy seems very keen with it! Now he's looking out for photo contest to take part in.