Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where did I go on my birthday?

Recently as you can see, I have been to many places. So mummy & daddy had a headache where to bring me. They decided to let me play at the Science Center's water playground. But it was not open that day. So we went Science center instead.

Yes, a 2yrs old lad enter Science center on his birthday. It's a place that is too young for me! hahahaa...Nevertheless, I still got to enjoy myself there.

They found Da Vinci exhibit there...since this could be the only chance to see...they bought enterance tickets for it. (entry without Da Vinci was $6 for adults)

I get to explore some inventions that this great guy did. His life is amazing.

Sorry no pics of it cos we aren't allow to take once we enter the this is all we took.

Mostly are in be patient....mummy had just finish uploading pics of the past she'll also upload the videos of the past mths before she gets to upload videos of my adventure in the Science Center. So stay tune!!!