Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Chinese New Year

This is my 2nd Chinese New Year I have celebrated!
Here are some pics mummy captured.
I also helped daddy get the mandrain oranges ready for New year!
This year I also get to join in the reunion dinner with everyone!
I enjoy eating with everyone!
I also know how to do Gong Xi gong xi to everyone!
This red Kung Fu outfit was too big for me last year, this year I can wear it! Many say I look good in it!

I not only go visitng, I also get to take a ride on the Singapore Flyers again! We got the tickets from Aunt Pat. She brought a group of elderly uncle & aunties there. This time round I am a little older than before, I actually know what is going on & I enjoy exploring the whole capsule too. I point to them things I know, pull mummy & show her things I spotted.