Monday, November 23, 2009

Jarrett says hi!

Sorry for away for so long,

things weren't very smooth for me last mth.

I was down with viral infection of terrible cough...after that I caught HFMD after an outdoor event at sch on that very weekend.

During this time, Granny came & took care of me. The first few days were very difficult for me...the uclers in my mouth makes me loose my appetite & temper too.

I was super grouchy & cried alot. Mummy & daddy felt painful for me. They gave in to me due to my pain & pray hard that I recover soon.

Although I only had fever during the first day & recovered from my ucler after a week, but it took me 3weeks to recover instead!

Doc say kids that has sensetive skin took longer time than usual to recover from the rashes..... =(

Nevertheless, let me fill you in of things I know now!

Mummy & daddy is very proud of my progress.

I have improved from single words to a sentences!!

Here are a small list of sentences that they often hear me say.

Oh so cute! (to any pets)

Don't want, so scary

I am here again!

mummy daddy go work, Jarrett goes to sch

(to any toy or friend who is crying) dun cry dun cry, mummy at work. Wait mummy come.

I want to hold it myself

I can eat by myself, bib not dirty.

now we going home. gong gong, mama, mummy & Jarrett going home.

slow down, careful! dangerous!

drive carefully

I want to do it myself

no putting hand at the door, wait crash your fingers

I am driving, parking

go see doctor

wear my shoes/slipper

we wait for the next bus

so delicious

eat medicine

I want to drive

Daddy is driving san su's car to go ah mah's house.

don't cry don't cry, stop.

mah mah & gong gong stays at Bt Merah,

Ah Mah stays at Bt Pangjang.

Jarrett stays at Choa Chu kang

Here are things that I have improve which mummy wants to share with you;

Enjoys make up short stories of Thomas train & his friends

No problem with drinking from cup or bottle without straw.

Show interest in cooking. Can't wait to buy a toy cooking set for him to play with.

Just taken his first ice-cream a min scoop one last Sun.

He was able to eat it without dirty himself, finished the ice- cream cone himself

Fav cartoon character are Thomas train, Bob Builder & Mickey.

Also saw him watching warplanes, F1 car race, Man vs Wild with 100% concentration.

enjoys singing & dancing to any nursery rhymes

placing care/trains into a line neatly

loves playing with many other children.

willing to share with other kids on rides & toys