Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My first X'mas

Mummy and her Crocs craze....

Last week there were this big Crocs sales at the Expo.

Mummy & granny has always been eyeing to get a pair for me. But the price are pretty steep. So they never have the heart to buy it for me.

At the after we got there, the Q for payment was already very long. So mummy asked granny to Q-up while she shop around for the shoes. Quickly mummy pick shoes for herself, then proceed to mine..there aren't many for boys (as usual) so she pick a common pair for me. After that she went to pick a pair for daddy, granny & grandpa since she like their support. It protects our heels very well. Altogether she picked 6pairs of shoes!!

She also bought the buttons to put on the shoes. She got my fav, balls!!!

After putting them on, she wanted to try it on my feet. I refused! I kicked & cried (look at these pics they are all with tears) These are not shoes! They are toys!! She can only wish I'll put them on during Chinese New Year....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My trial lesson at Tumble Tots

Mummy arranged another class for me at Tumble Tots.

This time round the class is spacious. There were 3 trainers there.

We were given 10mins to gather around & let the kids play with the obstacles.

When the class start, we are to sit together in a circle to sing & dance.

While doing the obstacles, each trainer were station at each course & guide us thru it or assist us when we meet any trouble.

They are friendly & careful with us too.

They also provide other options during each course.

I had a great time there!

Will I be participating the class in future??

We shall wait & see!

P.S: Sorry for not having any pics this time round cos mummy is too busy bringing me around the course & this time round daddy join in too!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My first steamboat!

Hello everyone!!
Guess what?

Now I can join mummy & daddy for steamboat!!

Mine are at the side, with a big bowl of soup with ingredients & my soup with rice.

Mummy prepare my soup using their chicken stock. (no salt or other seasoning included.) After that add broccoli, fishball, carrot & chicken filet into the soup & boil a small pot for me.

Doesn't it look tasty? I love it! I've finally get the chance to eat together with them!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I am walking without any help now!

Finally after a few mths of hardwork, I have manage to walk without any help!

I sure looks more daddy

We have the same face shape, nose & lips!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How I spent my devapali?

Mummy arranged with Grandpa, granny, aunt Sharon, G-aunt Janice & Pat to join us at Vivocity.
Mummy wants to let me have some fun time in the water again. I love the water remember?

We arrived there in the afternoon. It was raining, So we waited till the rain stopped. They brought me to the mini swimming pool.

I had a fun time kicking the water & marching on it!
When I just got warmed up, it started drizzling again. We have to cut short & quickly went into the shopping mall.

Outside a restaurant there was this aquariam which is at my height! I was given the chance to walk around & had fun watching the fishes I scream in delight!
I share my joy with the ppl whom are also watching the fishes in the tank. I even show them my sign of fish! (clap his hand together, point it to the front & sway it side to side)

Everyone wanted me to have a good time. So they suggeste to go Toy R'us where there are plenty of toys for me to play. It's like a big playground for me too!

I had alot of fun time there! I had so much fun till I forgotten my dinner until mummy asked if I wanted. I scream for it! hahahahaa

Lastly, Happy Hallowen!!!

My day at Gymboree

This is my first time I attend a lesson. It was at Gymboree Harbour Front.
Mummy sign me up for their level 3 trial lesson meant for 10mth~16mths babies.
It was say to encourage discovery, balance and coordination as parents learn to understand how their child interacts and communicates with them and the world.

To me it was fun time! I have a big playground to play with!
There were alot of toys & balls too!

I was not scare of climbing up the steps/slope or even crawl into the little tunnel! She is glad that I did not snatch other babies toys or mind that my toy has to give to others. She is proud that I am able to complete the task asked & not scare of the tunnel nor the crowd.

During the class I love the bubble session most! mummy has taught me to blurst bubbles during bath time. When I see it there I also point to burst it too!

Not even when they cover us with a big cloth & bring it up & down. I love the colorful cloth over me!

I was so engross in playing I did not listen to what the trainer wants. All I want is play what I like. Mummy has to keep up with me. I kept crawling & walking away from her when everyone is sitting in circle, she is really not happy that I can't stay still even for a sec. She wonders why I can't stay still when others can.

After the class, the trainer told us that I have performed even better than this level & suggest mummy to let me try a higher level instead. Cos this level seems too boring for me, thats why I was not interested in the trainer at all.

This new level is to figure out how the world works and become a competent problem solver through games that uncover patterns and sequences.
She feels that this level is too tough for me as I am not good with pattern & sequences yet. Will I pay attention to instructions? Since now when she is playing with me I don't even listen to her instructions. I enjoy to explore it myself.

On top of this, she has doubts about my safety during the lesson. When I walked away from her there were no one watching out for me or stop me when shes trying to catch up with me. Not even the parents there help each other watch out too. All were to themselves. If mummy is not able to catch up with me, there's a possibility if I trip and fall & no one is there to prevent it from happening.

Next week I'll be attending another trial lesson from Tumble Tots. She hope it'll be better.

Things I know from A~Z

As usual my silly mummy comes up with this idea.

She sum up things I know in alphabatical order.
**More updates of words I know in Blue**

A - Ant, Apple, Airplane, aspargus

B - Bread, bird, bed, book, bag, bus, bear, bottle, ball, bus, bicycle, bucket, broccoli

C - Cat, caterpillar, car, cake, cow, clock, cold, chair, camera, cherries, carrot

D - Dog, door, doll, duck

E - Egg, Elephant, Elmo, eyes, ear

F - Fish, frog, flower, feet

G - Goat, gate, grapes, giraffe, guitar

H - Horse, house, hot, hand phone, hat, helicopter, head, hippo

I - ice-cream

J - Jeep

K - Kangaroo, key, kiwi

L - Lamp, lantern, laptop, lorry, light, lemon, leg

M - Mouse, monkey, motorcycle

N - Nose, net

O - Otter, Orange

P - Pan, pot, pillow, pacifier, penis, playpen, panda bear, potato, plum, peach, pumpkin

Q - Queen,

R - Rabbit, radish

S - Snake, squirrel, shoes, socks, switch, sit

T - Truck, tie, tree, telephone, tractor, toes, tongue, train, trolley, toothbrush, television, teapot, tomato, tiger

U - Umbrella

V - Van

W - Watch, watermelon, water, window

X - Xylophone

Y - Yoyo, yarn, yak

Z - Zoo, zip

Seems alot? But then I have yet to speak much...

so far things I say are ball, car, bus, bear, no, dar (dad/grandpa), ma (mummy/granny)..not much right? Mummy is worried about it. But granny say I will speak. By then don't complain I am too talkative..hahahaa

Friday, October 24, 2008

Days of my Oct

Hello all!! Got miss me?? Well mummy very busy lately...cos now I know how to walk, I enjoy walking till I won't want to rest unless I am very sleepy/tired.
Here are some pics they took while I am having fun! At home, the beach & the pool!!

In case you aren't able to view the pic, you can click to the link here.
Days of my Oct

I love going to beach & I want more! But weather was not good. We didn't get to stay long.. =( Here's a little clip of me enjoying at the beach.

Since I am more steady with my balance, daddy fix up my cars for me to play. Granny's friend also gave me one too. All I have 3 cars at home! But the car taken in the pic is my fav. Take a look at me vroom vroom at home.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

My ride at Singapore Flyer

Granny managed to buy some tickets for us to take a ride in the capsule of this big wheel last week!!

My grumpy face due to lack of sleep & super hot weather.....

I am so excited!!

Don't forget a family pic!!

Mummy one one without their specs...do we look alike?

An overview of the scenery around.....

Grandpa wants to bring me higher!!

The ride is taking too long..I am bored...dad fan & play with me to kill the time...hehehe

Nice wheels...I would love to roll it!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My 1yr old accessment

Last weekend, mummy brought me for my chicken pox jab. Doc Jo-lin also went thru an accessment with me.

I am now 80cm tall & 11.2kg!
My height & weight is 90% above average baby.

I enjoy talking, I yap yap yap alot..hehehee

I am learning to walk now. If you hold me I'll walk very fast!

Doc Jo-lin has always been very concern with my weight cos I am on the BIG side. But today she say she is very happy with my progress!

I am a 100% healthy baby!

Mummy checked & found out that I can eat all types of vegs now! What vegs did you eat when you were 1yr old?
She also said that I can't have chicken until I am 3yrs old....did you wait till you are 3yrs old before you get to taste chicken?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A little video of me swimming

Granny say I am born to be a swimmer!
I can't wait to go again!
See me swim!!

Little baby at Bern playing with water

Mum saw this cute toddler at Bern. Isn't he daring??
He approached it step by step in anxiety.
someday mummy would also hope to bring me to such a place & have fun too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

See me dancing to my fav song!

Do we look alike?

Helloe everybody!!

Mummy say I look more & more like daddy.

Do you think so?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The happy things that happen to me lately & my birthday parties!

While mummy & daddy were away for their honeymoon.

Grandpa & Granny brought me swimming! I love it!!

Next I follow them for a Cancer for Children charity. We all got our hair shaved! When mummy met up with her old schoolmate, we also found out that Uncle Boon Tiong also when for this charity! See the two botak pics..hehehehe.

Last Sat daddy & mummy brought me for a birthday gift shopping spree! I had a great time at a giant toy shop selecting my toys! I get to test them before deciding which to buy. I had alot of fun there!

The follow days have two mini parties! One from daddy's family & the other from mummy's family. Daddy's brother, Eldest Uncle Howard & kor kor Heng Wei gave me a bucket with coin incest, spade & net. 3rd Uncle Michael & Aunt Karen gave me Elmo!

Xiao E bought me a mini bus, grandpa & granny gave me Disney cake! GrandAunt Pat bought me a set of Batman outfit. I love all my presents! Thanks everyone!

If you can't view the pics, pls use this link.
The happy things that happen to me lately.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My day at Uncle David's house

We were there for a Father's Day gathering. Too bad daddy isn't here to join us....Or he'll be in this picture too. Nevertheless, Happy Father's Day daddy & grandpa!

At their place, GAunt Anna packed up all Uncle Eugene's toys for me. She said these toys were all passed down from Uncle Gary's generation. So which means the toys are already 28yrs old! They are still in good conditions. I like them!

Here's a pic of Uncle Gary play his old toys with me.

Because I haven't met them since after Chinese New Year, everyone offer to carry & play with me. Mummy say she enjoy this the most cos she gets to rest...granny too!

I had a fun filled time on Father's Day. Did you?