Saturday, September 25, 2010

Painful experience for Jarrett

I was playing on the sofa, I lost my balance & fell off from the back rest of the sofa. My arm hurts badly & the pain did not go away. I can't lift my arm either. So daddy & mummy immediately brought me to NUH A&E & get a doc to check on my arm.

They wanted to place my arm correctly for an X-tray. But was too painful. So they gave painkiller to lessen the pain & took another round of X-tray. Not long later, they informed that I have broke the thin bone on the upper part of my right arm & might need an operation. I was asked to get warded & wait for it.

In the room many doctors came to check on me & also insert a needle into my hand. Mummy say is for drip. It was also very painful & I hate it. Everytime I wanted to sleep, there'll be pain from my arm or jabs given that I didn't want to sleep anymore. But I was very tired & fell asleep at 4am.

Next morning everything is better until afternoon a nurse came in to change me into a fishy gown & bring me down to a room full of machines. It was scary as there were many people wearing green gowns & want to place things onto me. Not long later I fell asleep & awake feeling heavy on my head & daddy & mommy were not with me. After they came & nurses push me back to my room.

Doctor told daddy that my arm did not break badly so only place the bone back in position & cast it. If it did not go well they'll then need to place pin into my arm to fix it. I hope that won't happen.

After several docs came to check on me & allow daddy & mummy to give me food, I feel much happier!! I enjoy the red bean bun & my dinner!! Since everything is going well for me, doctor told daddy I can go home!! Yipee!!!

The pain came again when I need to change to my home clothings...It was very painful to lift up my arm!! I cried really loud & hope they stop. I also had problem walking, I tripped a couple of time...maybe I have been in bed for too long?? They decided to carry me instead.

Once home, they quickly make a comfy bed for me to rest in & not long later I fell asleep......

I know my mistake I promise daddy & mummy I will not do it's a painful mistake...not worth going thru again.

Photos of this experience:
Painful experience for Jarrett

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random photos I took

Always see mom take pics & video of me. I am also interested & started taking some. So mom now wanted to post pics I took! Will photo taking be my hobby? I think the last pic I took of mummy seems to have improved compared to the first I took of her! hehehe

Enjoy the pics I took!
Random photos I took

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning how to fix my own sandwich

See mom prepare one for me, I offer to do it myself & I can manage it with her guidance!

Pics to show below:
Learning how to fix my own sandwich

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spending Mooncake festival at home

Mon afternoon, sch called mom & told her that they suspect that I got HFMD.
I might got it from another toddler as that toddler's family called to inform them that their child got it.
So last nite they brought me to the doc & he confirmed that I have contacted it.
Today my mouth hurts & I am running high fever too.
Even if mom has set up my fav Thomas & friends blue track I was not in the mood to play them.
I spend most of my time watching TV & napping.
To cheer me up, they decided to celebrate the Mooncake festival a day earlier.
They fix up Thomas lantern & wanted to play them in the dark with me, but I was too scare so I just have it with me while I have my mooncakes & a piglet cake.
After the snack I brought Thomas to be my bedside lamp & keep my company.

Enjoy the pics ma took in the below link!
Spending Mooncake festival at home

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day out with grandparents & Ah Yi Sharon

This week is racing car week!
I get to see racing car display & also sat in Racing car simulator!

Everyone see my bb cousin Ian! He has all grown up going 8mths old! very soon we'll be able to play together!!

Day out with grandparents, Ah Yi Sharon & Ian di di

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jarrett & his fav trains

He makes up story of Henry & Thomas & share them with me. I also suggest he use the building blocks to build house or stations.. he use them to build another character Cranky the Crane! It was so sweet I took pics for keepsake.

Enjoy the album below!
Jarrett & his fav trains

Play date wtih Truman & Sonya at Aunt Carol's house

Mummy Liz came back from Aust to visit her family. So she also arranged a play date for me to meet with her nephew Truman who is a day younger than me & niece Sonya at their home.

I enjoy so much that I wanted to bring Truman home with me! hehehee

Link to the pic:
Play date wtih Truman & Sonya at Aunt Carol's house

Brave Jarrett overcomes the fear of trimming his hair!

I was terrified when mummy & daddy suggest that I get a hair cut. I hate the sound of the clipper & also the hair poking me.
But they planned alot of snacks & programs to treat me after the cut.

You can see from the pics in the link below, they gave me milk biscuits & watch Toy Story!!

I never cry at all!! Pass with flying colors!!!

Brave Jarrett overcomes the fear of trimming his hair!

A Fun Day Out!

Went for the kite festival organise by NTUC incoming & a walk at Chinatown to take a look at their lantern displays. A sky full of kites in such a small district area among the tall buildings are really amazing..hmm...that reminds me of Singapore!! A small city but high population!!Mummy was so fansinated by the sky full of kites that she hardly take pics of me... XP

A Fun Day Out!