Saturday, September 25, 2010

Painful experience for Jarrett

I was playing on the sofa, I lost my balance & fell off from the back rest of the sofa. My arm hurts badly & the pain did not go away. I can't lift my arm either. So daddy & mummy immediately brought me to NUH A&E & get a doc to check on my arm.

They wanted to place my arm correctly for an X-tray. But was too painful. So they gave painkiller to lessen the pain & took another round of X-tray. Not long later, they informed that I have broke the thin bone on the upper part of my right arm & might need an operation. I was asked to get warded & wait for it.

In the room many doctors came to check on me & also insert a needle into my hand. Mummy say is for drip. It was also very painful & I hate it. Everytime I wanted to sleep, there'll be pain from my arm or jabs given that I didn't want to sleep anymore. But I was very tired & fell asleep at 4am.

Next morning everything is better until afternoon a nurse came in to change me into a fishy gown & bring me down to a room full of machines. It was scary as there were many people wearing green gowns & want to place things onto me. Not long later I fell asleep & awake feeling heavy on my head & daddy & mommy were not with me. After they came & nurses push me back to my room.

Doctor told daddy that my arm did not break badly so only place the bone back in position & cast it. If it did not go well they'll then need to place pin into my arm to fix it. I hope that won't happen.

After several docs came to check on me & allow daddy & mummy to give me food, I feel much happier!! I enjoy the red bean bun & my dinner!! Since everything is going well for me, doctor told daddy I can go home!! Yipee!!!

The pain came again when I need to change to my home clothings...It was very painful to lift up my arm!! I cried really loud & hope they stop. I also had problem walking, I tripped a couple of time...maybe I have been in bed for too long?? They decided to carry me instead.

Once home, they quickly make a comfy bed for me to rest in & not long later I fell asleep......

I know my mistake I promise daddy & mummy I will not do it's a painful mistake...not worth going thru again.

Photos of this experience:
Painful experience for Jarrett

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