Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spending Mooncake festival at home

Mon afternoon, sch called mom & told her that they suspect that I got HFMD.
I might got it from another toddler as that toddler's family called to inform them that their child got it.
So last nite they brought me to the doc & he confirmed that I have contacted it.
Today my mouth hurts & I am running high fever too.
Even if mom has set up my fav Thomas & friends blue track I was not in the mood to play them.
I spend most of my time watching TV & napping.
To cheer me up, they decided to celebrate the Mooncake festival a day earlier.
They fix up Thomas lantern & wanted to play them in the dark with me, but I was too scare so I just have it with me while I have my mooncakes & a piglet cake.
After the snack I brought Thomas to be my bedside lamp & keep my company.

Enjoy the pics ma took in the below link!
Spending Mooncake festival at home

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