Monday, November 23, 2009

Jarrett says hi!

Sorry for away for so long,

things weren't very smooth for me last mth.

I was down with viral infection of terrible cough...after that I caught HFMD after an outdoor event at sch on that very weekend.

During this time, Granny came & took care of me. The first few days were very difficult for me...the uclers in my mouth makes me loose my appetite & temper too.

I was super grouchy & cried alot. Mummy & daddy felt painful for me. They gave in to me due to my pain & pray hard that I recover soon.

Although I only had fever during the first day & recovered from my ucler after a week, but it took me 3weeks to recover instead!

Doc say kids that has sensetive skin took longer time than usual to recover from the rashes..... =(

Nevertheless, let me fill you in of things I know now!

Mummy & daddy is very proud of my progress.

I have improved from single words to a sentences!!

Here are a small list of sentences that they often hear me say.

Oh so cute! (to any pets)

Don't want, so scary

I am here again!

mummy daddy go work, Jarrett goes to sch

(to any toy or friend who is crying) dun cry dun cry, mummy at work. Wait mummy come.

I want to hold it myself

I can eat by myself, bib not dirty.

now we going home. gong gong, mama, mummy & Jarrett going home.

slow down, careful! dangerous!

drive carefully

I want to do it myself

no putting hand at the door, wait crash your fingers

I am driving, parking

go see doctor

wear my shoes/slipper

we wait for the next bus

so delicious

eat medicine

I want to drive

Daddy is driving san su's car to go ah mah's house.

don't cry don't cry, stop.

mah mah & gong gong stays at Bt Merah,

Ah Mah stays at Bt Pangjang.

Jarrett stays at Choa Chu kang

Here are things that I have improve which mummy wants to share with you;

Enjoys make up short stories of Thomas train & his friends

No problem with drinking from cup or bottle without straw.

Show interest in cooking. Can't wait to buy a toy cooking set for him to play with.

Just taken his first ice-cream a min scoop one last Sun.

He was able to eat it without dirty himself, finished the ice- cream cone himself

Fav cartoon character are Thomas train, Bob Builder & Mickey.

Also saw him watching warplanes, F1 car race, Man vs Wild with 100% concentration.

enjoys singing & dancing to any nursery rhymes

placing care/trains into a line neatly

loves playing with many other children.

willing to share with other kids on rides & toys

Monday, August 31, 2009

Jarrett's prgress

Ever since Jarrett has gone day care, he has learnt alot of new things & also begin to talk to us than to using handsigns.

He also started to speak in simple sentences.

Things that he said:

no no
don't want
come with me
air plane
motor car
thank you
don't want go school
water bottle
stir porridge
brush teeth
water melon
count 1~15

know some chinese too!
do some chinese counting
sings chinese twinkle twinkle little star

enjoy singing nursery ryhmes:

* Twinkle twinkle little star
* Bah bah black sheep
* Humpty dumpty
* Mary had a little lamb
* Pat a cake
* London bridge
* Old Mac Donald
* This old man

Thomas train is his fav cartoon & he enjoy singing that song too!
I am so proud of him. =)

Baboons at the zoo

Baboons at the zoo

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Jarrett boy dancing with the music at NDP

Jarrett boy dancing with the music at NDP

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Friday, August 21, 2009

I started attending childcare

Mummy say it's time I mix around with other children & attend school.

My first visit there, I had fun!
There are many other toys that I don't have it at home.
But the thing I don't like is mummy can't stay & play with me.
The first mth, granny & mummy took turns to help me adjust to sch.
Second mth, things are going smoother & mummy has to start to adjust handling it all by herself as granny has moved back home.

The teachers there are all very nice to me.
Someday mummy will take pics of the teachers & post them here.
They are patient & really put in effort to make me feel comfy.

after being with the sch for almost 2mths, I am able to cope being in sch for almost 12hrs. She has to leave me at sch around 7.15am & come pick me around 6:30pm. Mummy feels bad, so she'll rush home to pick me up as early as possible. At times daddy will come pick me or granny come pick me earlier to stay over at her place for the weekend! She still miss me bothering her..heehehehee

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where did I go on my birthday?

Recently as you can see, I have been to many places. So mummy & daddy had a headache where to bring me. They decided to let me play at the Science Center's water playground. But it was not open that day. So we went Science center instead.

Yes, a 2yrs old lad enter Science center on his birthday. It's a place that is too young for me! hahahaa...Nevertheless, I still got to enjoy myself there.

They found Da Vinci exhibit there...since this could be the only chance to see...they bought enterance tickets for it. (entry without Da Vinci was $6 for adults)

I get to explore some inventions that this great guy did. His life is amazing.

Sorry no pics of it cos we aren't allow to take once we enter the this is all we took.

Mostly are in be patient....mummy had just finish uploading pics of the past she'll also upload the videos of the past mths before she gets to upload videos of my adventure in the Science Center. So stay tune!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I speak!

Mummy always wondering when I'll start talking.

Well, I do say a few things, just not in proper pronounciation.
But that's fine with them as long as they understand.
Or else will be my hand sign.
They know me best.

Things I say:

Bar (bus)
ge ge (train)
mah mah (granny)
jeet (jeep)
milk / neh neh
su su (uncle)
por (granny)
pai si (naughty)

And yesterday I spoke my 1st sentence!
"Sit in bus"
"sit in ge ge (train)"

More to come!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Chinese New Year

This is my 2nd Chinese New Year I have celebrated!
Here are some pics mummy captured.
I also helped daddy get the mandrain oranges ready for New year!
This year I also get to join in the reunion dinner with everyone!
I enjoy eating with everyone!
I also know how to do Gong Xi gong xi to everyone!
This red Kung Fu outfit was too big for me last year, this year I can wear it! Many say I look good in it!

I not only go visitng, I also get to take a ride on the Singapore Flyers again! We got the tickets from Aunt Pat. She brought a group of elderly uncle & aunties there. This time round I am a little older than before, I actually know what is going on & I enjoy exploring the whole capsule too. I point to them things I know, pull mummy & show her things I spotted.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Guess how did I spend my last mth of 2008?

Here are some places I have gone during Dec...mummy say I have changed alot during this 6mths, do you think so??

If you are able to view this album, you can click to this link: mum says I looked different from 6mths you think so?

During end of Dec, mummy & daddy arranged for a chalet to gather around mummy's & daddy's family & relatives to come for a BBQ on 31/Dec'08 & 1/Jan'09. I had a great time playing in the pool & the indoor playground The Explorer!

On 4th Jan'09, it was my fav uncle Michael & aunt Karen's wedding. Look how happy I am for them!!