Monday, August 31, 2009

Jarrett's prgress

Ever since Jarrett has gone day care, he has learnt alot of new things & also begin to talk to us than to using handsigns.

He also started to speak in simple sentences.

Things that he said:

no no
don't want
come with me
air plane
motor car
thank you
don't want go school
water bottle
stir porridge
brush teeth
water melon
count 1~15

know some chinese too!
do some chinese counting
sings chinese twinkle twinkle little star

enjoy singing nursery ryhmes:

* Twinkle twinkle little star
* Bah bah black sheep
* Humpty dumpty
* Mary had a little lamb
* Pat a cake
* London bridge
* Old Mac Donald
* This old man

Thomas train is his fav cartoon & he enjoy singing that song too!
I am so proud of him. =)

Baboons at the zoo

Baboons at the zoo

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Jarrett boy dancing with the music at NDP

Jarrett boy dancing with the music at NDP

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Friday, August 21, 2009

I started attending childcare

Mummy say it's time I mix around with other children & attend school.

My first visit there, I had fun!
There are many other toys that I don't have it at home.
But the thing I don't like is mummy can't stay & play with me.
The first mth, granny & mummy took turns to help me adjust to sch.
Second mth, things are going smoother & mummy has to start to adjust handling it all by herself as granny has moved back home.

The teachers there are all very nice to me.
Someday mummy will take pics of the teachers & post them here.
They are patient & really put in effort to make me feel comfy.

after being with the sch for almost 2mths, I am able to cope being in sch for almost 12hrs. She has to leave me at sch around 7.15am & come pick me around 6:30pm. Mummy feels bad, so she'll rush home to pick me up as early as possible. At times daddy will come pick me or granny come pick me earlier to stay over at her place for the weekend! She still miss me bothering her..heehehehee